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Nebulous #3 (Not Otherwise Specified) is the tale of my mental illnesses, being diagnosed, getting on and off medication, learning to live with schizophrenia. It is 80 pages, quarter-sized, text-heavy, ribbon-bound. This is my 7th zine. Nebulous

The mattress was striped blue-white and stained with unidentifiable substances. On the bed there was no sheets but on the floor next to it, there was a mountain of blankets with coloured stuffed animals climbing to the peak. Underneath the bed was a singular red backpack, covered with buttons and patches proclaiming the radical platform of the absent owner. The bookcase stood at the end of the bed, stacked to the brim with zines and chat books of neo-beat poets that were born 50 years too late. The top of the bookcase was montaged with ropes, CD cases, and green fuzzy handcuffs (which weren't used for playing cops and robbers.)

To order, send anything (a zine, a mix, some artwork, handmade stuff, a notebook, a really cool button or beads, well-concealed cash, an EP, a spiffy earring, money order, check) equal to 2.50 USD to:


2692 Madison Rd ste n1 PMB 220

Cincinnati, OH 45209

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