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How did you get diagnosed???

Hey, I'm new here...

Well, it will seem strange to you, but anyway.

I can relate SO MUCH on all the stuff said here. I can relate so much on these symptoms of schizophrenia.

But the thing is, I never ever got a diagnosis. I tried everything. Psychologists, psychiatrists, acupuncture, whatever, I've been to 2 different mental hospitals, several times... My mother sent me to a mental hospital when I was 4, about 10 times or maybe more. And I got back when I was 16.
I've had lots symptoms, and so much more. I read all your posts and thought, Wow, finally I'm not alone. I can relate to all this.

I've been living with all this for ages, without any diagnosis nor help. I'm doing sort of self-therapy on my own (because I have no help), trying to keep control, trying to find ways... But it's always, always there.
I can't work or almost not, I can't do much. It's a jail inside of my head I guess.

How did you guys get diagnosed???

At one point, the only goal I had in life was to get a diagnosis, to get help. But I sort of forgot about this unrealistic dream of mine.

Nobody of the specialists seem to understand or want to help: they either find it to be too big of a problem, they're not 'specialized' in it as they say, they refer me to the wrong persons, they don't listen, or they laugh at me (yes, it happened!!).

So how did you guys get diagnosed?!?

Also, if I ever get a diagnosis, I guess it'll mean that I'll be prescribed medication. I'm not convinced that pills will work and are the solution. So in another way, I don't want to get diagnosed for this reason. I don't want to have doctors testing drugs on me and see which ones work best, and meanwhile I'm all totally nonfunctional, even worse than before. I'd feel like a laboratory rat being tested.

OK send your comments and thanks in advance for your precious advice!
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